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What To Expect

When you fill out a contact form on our website, you can expect us to reach out quickly. We want to get you mosquito free as soon as possible. You might be wondering what to expect when we show up. At Mosquito Tech, we have a very efficient and proven system to get you mosquito free. 

Step 1: Hello!

We will welcome you to the Mosquito Tech clan and get property and payment information updated in our system. Keep in mind we NEVER USE CONTRACTS. I have never liked contracts or the idea of being stuck with a service I didn’t want or need anymore. At Mosquito Tech, you will not have to worry. We believe in our product wholeheartedly and know you will enjoy our quality service, so why would we need a legal document to make you stay? If you no longer want to be subscribed to our service, simply let us know, and we will remove you from our schedule. No worries!

Step 2: Our Treatment Process

Our proven treatment process has kept our clients mosquito-free for years. Better yet, there is no “secret sauce” or any redacted information. We treat all yards by North Carolina Department Of Agriculture guidelines. We always treat by the book and by the label. It is our quality of work and knowledge of mosquito habitats that sets our treatment process apart from the competition. You could think of us as an “open source” company. No secrets. If you have a question, just ask!

Mosquito Treatments usually take around 10-20 minutes, depending on the yard size. During this time, we will inspect your yard for any standing water or other mosquito-friendly habitats (old tires, clogged drain, gutters, unsealed rain collector, etc..) Even some species of plants are known to hold water and harvest mosquitoes. 

After we spray, we advise that you keep children and pets indoors for 45 minutes just so the product can dry. However, In Charlotte heat, that doesn’t take long! After this, you are free to enjoy your mosquito-free yard!

Step 3: The Result

You can expect noticeable results within 24 hours of your first treatment. However, I have personally witnessed the treatment work within 30 minutes. After the first day, it should work up to 100% effectiveness. 

It is extremely important to note how the treatment process works. Our product is dispersed on your property, and when mosquitoes come in contact with it, they cease to exist. Also, what can happen is they avoid the area altogether because they can sense your yard could be a harmful environment for them. (And then go to your neighbors yard. Shhh.)

Think of our treatment as the second step in the mosquito control process. Step one is to rid the mosquito breeding habitats, aka standing water. If there is still standing water, mosquitoes could still be breeding on site, you might see them, and they might pester you before they come in contact with our treatment. So it is essential for you, the homeowner, to be on the lookout for potential mosquito habitats.

 Oftentimes you can see habitats that our technicians cannot. For example, you might notice a clogged gutter from an upstairs window, a water feature that stopped functioning, or a buried old piece of pvc pipe from an irrigation system. (All examples come from true client stories.) All in all, mosquito treatments generally cannot be 100% effective if standing water is on your property.

Our Mosquito control process is 99% effective, and we have a 100% satisfaction rate. If you are unhappy with your treatment, please let us know, and we will make it right. But don’t take it from us; check out our google reviews and Facebook comments from our customers. 

Step 4: Enjoy!

There is truly no better feeling than a warm Charlotte evening spent outside after Mosquito Tech just came to your property. You can genuinely HEAR the difference… it’s silent, no bugs, and peaceful outside. I want YOU to experience a bug-free yard. Thank you for reading; if you haven’t already, sign-up today… You’ll love it. 

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