Mosquito Tech

Mosquito Control Vs. Bug Spray

Growing up in the South is basically the same for everyone when it comes to playing outside. Dowsing yourself in an entire can of OFF Bug spray, then frolicking out in the heat until you sweat off every ounce of Deet. Or even worse, it runs into your eyes! Been there and done that, and yet I still remember being eaten alive by mosquitoes every evening.

The bug spray seemed to work for a while, but as the evening wore on, the less it worked. Deet is an effective way to deter insects, including mosquitoes. Still, we do not always want to soak ourselves in it. Also, there is another huge reason why mosquito control is a much better solution, and it’s probably not one you have ever thought of before…

Bug spray does not eliminate bugs from your entire property like mosquito control. We often ignore the fact that even when we are doused in Deet, we are still swatting away at hovering mosquitoes. They may not be biting us, but bothering us? You betcha! Nothing worse than being covered in bug spray only to be still surrounded by the little blood suckers. 

A very often overlooked fact about bug spray is that even at its best, it never really works. The difference with mosquito control is that you can literally leave your windows and doors open at night with no mosquitoes to worry about. That’s what I call protection!

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